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Frequently Asked Questions

Counselling is the opportunity to explore issues that trouble us, make us unhappy or threaten to overwhelm us, in a safe, supportive, non-judgemental and confidential environment.

Anyone who has something in their lives that makes them feel less than content. People with family and friends may not want to burden them, and the support, and occasional insight, of a skilled stranger can be helpful.

Anything and everything, including family, relationships, low self-esteem, anxiety about illness and ageing, loneliness, despondency, purposelessness and anger.

Counselling can help you change and adjust to your current situation, empowering you to respond differently to stressful situations whether at home or work and is usually of a limited duration. Psychotherapy is normally a longer process, requiring the client to commit to working through the deeper issues that prevent them from achieving a fulfilling life.

Sessions are 50 minutes long.

£60 per session.

Mostly, yes, sometimes better than others.